Holly and Ivy Sampler: center section

Time for a happy dance break:  the center section is finished!

I am so glad to be done with the Celtic knots … between the fractionals and keeping track of the backstitching, the knots took a long time to complete.  By comparison, the candles and greenery were a quick stitch.

Almost all the greenery is made up of blended threads.  More beads, and more sparkle!  Also, I chose to customize the initial and date blocks to more closely match the alphabet of the carol.

This section is pretty enough to be a finished project on its own; I’m excited to see what the rest of it will look like.

I’ll work on the holly and ivy garlands next; with more fractionals and fiddly backstitching ahead, I wonder how long it will take?  To keep the whitework neat and clean, I’m saving that section for last.


2 Responses to “Holly and Ivy Sampler: center section”

  1. christina Says:

    Hi – I enjoy your work being a newbie cross stitcher myself. I hope that I can work my way up to the chatelaine designs (i want to do her peacock mandala). I have a question. I saw that you did JN butterflies, blossoms and bees (in fact I can’t find a picture of it anywhere else). Do you know where I can purchase the chart? I don’t even care about the embellishments.

  2. Heather Says:

    Hi Christina,
    Hmm … I’m trying to remember where I got it … It’s originally a class piece, but I think I must have bought it on eBay. Good luck!
    If you find a chart and need embellishments, Susan Clarke charms and buttons are very similar to the Just Nan charms. Threadneedle Street carries the Susan Clarke products; your local shop and other online shops may, too.
    The Chatelaine Peacock Garden Mandala is so pretty, and I am so pathetically slow about stitching it — I’ll get it done one of these years! ;)