Holly and Ivy Sampler continued

After beginning the Holly and Ivy Sampler, I took a break to work on the Hardanger project I had started before making the christening gown for my niece.  I was able to finish the centerpiece in time to enter it in the Evergreen State Fair!  We’ve been driving past the fairgrounds every weekend this summer to pick up and drop off my older son, who is working at one of the Boy Scout camps in the area, and very much wants to come home on his day off for a home-cooked meal, his own bed, and fresh laundry (isn’t it nice to be needed?).   This is my first entry for the Evergreen State Fair, and as with the Western Washington (Puyallup) Fair, exhibitors must wait until the fair opens to find out how they did … not much longer to wait now!

As a result, my progress on Holly and Ivy isn’t very exciting, but it is definitely useful:

All the borders are now stitched, and ready to fill in.  Now that those are done, look for more interesting progress pictures to come in the weeks ahead.  Thanks for visiting!

One Response to “Holly and Ivy Sampler continued”

  1. Christina Says:

    Wow, this is fabulous. I can’t even imagine how many hours work has gone into it!