Dress progress: it’s done!

I knew the petticoat lace would take the longest to finish of all the gown pieces, but I didn’t realize it would take quite so long!

My niece arrived on her February due date after a long and difficult labor.  The baby was fine and perfectly healthy, but mom had a significant amount of recovery to do, and the baby blessing day was postponed accordingly.  That worked out quite well for me, as the last piece of lace was nowhere near complete.  Finally, after four months of work, I finished the petticoat lace last weekend:

I rushed it over to my sister-in-law and her mother, who spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning putting the finishing touches on the christening gown for that Sunday afternoon.

Little Miss seemed to approve of her gown; after all, it was like wearing a silky blanket.

She also liked to stuff the collar in her mouth and chew on it.

As cute as my newest little niece is, this is a stitching blog not a baby blog, so it was time to give her back to her Mom and Dad, and get to work taking photos of the gown.

All that glorious, frothy lace … so much work, but so worth it.  The gown was an absolute pleasure to stitch; I loved the pattern and the materials.

One last photo of my niece and her proud mom:  welcome to the world, little one!

5 Responses to “Dress progress: it’s done!”

  1. Says:

    Perfect. All of it. The gown is so beautiful and the baby looked like a little angel in it.

  2. Valerie Says:

    Beautiful! It will be a family heirloom for many years to come I sure.

  3. Valerie Says:

    Ok, that was a little spooky when I thought I had already commented without my own knowledge.

    The gown turned out sensational! What an amazing labour of love!

    And I don’t mind lots of baby pics, either.

    I keep scrolling back up: …the collar! …the hem! …the petticoat!!

    Enjoy all the other projects you can work on, now!

  4. Heather Says:

    Knitika!Val – I have a basketful of WIPs that haven’t been touched in six months and an even bigger basket of project charts I wanted to start, but didn’t dare. I hardly know what to do with myself! ;)

  5. Gunilla Mårtensson Says:

    Greetings from Sweden.
    Very beautiful christening gown.
    I have embroidered two, my own design.