Dress progress: scratch and dent

Occasionally I’m asked if I make mistakes while cutting the Hardanger embroidery, and if so, if there are any mistakes which can’t be repaired.

To which I reply, Oh, yes!  Fortunately the Janice Love books have many suggestions to restore almost any kind of cutting accident back to neat, and I’ve usually had great success fixing little cuts here and there.

But while I was working on the christening gown collar — in fact, while I was cutting the excess fabric away from the finished collar, back before Christmas — I slipped and cut into the blanket stitches, front and center.  The collar began to unravel, and there was no good place in that area to reinforce or redo the cut stitches.

I want this christening gown to be perfect, and the collar is a focal point of the gown, so there really was no debate:  I had to start a new collar, and I was now the sadder but wiser owner of a “scratch and dent” or practice collar.

One month later, the second collar is done, and I’m so happy to see that it turned out perfectly:

What about the scratch and dent collar?  From certain angles or placing an object over the unraveled area, I think it will do well as a doily for taking pictures of other stitching projects.  It’s a good reminder to be careful when working on the cut parts of embroidery:  always use a bright light, sharp scissors (I love my Dovos), and take rest breaks whether you think you need to or not.  I was in a rush to finish the collar (it was so close to being done!) and haste combined with fatigue made me clumsy.  For the second collar, I cut a moderate section away from the excess fabric, took a break, then returned to the job.   It took longer but half a day of cutting was better than spending another month to make collar #3.

Now I hope I’ll have time to finish the petticoat lace!  The petticoat follows the same designs as the collar.  My little niece or nephew is due mid-February so the gown won’t be needed until March at the earliest.


2 Responses to “Dress progress: scratch and dent”

  1. Valerie Says:

    I know I already commented on fb but I have to say it again here: WOW! GORGEOUS!!

    You know, in the last couple weeks I have twice had to rip out a hat in progress and start over. Both times, I lost a day’s worth of knitting. A day. Not a month! (But then, I don’t anticipate any future generations would have access to those hats, either.) I admire your dedication and determination to make this heirloom absolutely perfect. I also admire your talent.

    I just have to say it one more time. WOW.

  2. Mamilou Says:

    Bravo pour tous vos beaux ouvrages !!!
    Chantal ou Mamilou from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon